Productspecifications in PS

We believe it is important to provide everyone with all the necessary information about our products. Therefore, we have begun a partnership with PS in Foodservice. More and more professional customers want to know the product ingredients.

What is the nutritional value? Which consumers with a certain allergy can eat or drink this product?

Our products are listed in the PS in Foodservice database. PS in Foodservice has a central database where nutritional information is stored and managed. Their site has the product specifications of all products available for viewing online. If you would like to view or print the specifications of a given product, simply register on their site first to gain access. Click on the button below to go directly to PS in Foodservice in order to view your products. You may also look for new products there.

Of course, you may contact us at any time with any specific questions you may have, for instance if the product is being produced for you under a private label.