BRC certificate

The BRC standard is essential for our company. In the food industry there is a company with a BRC certificate for a supplier that can offer strong guarantees in terms of food safety, traceability and very high quality.

The following points have been found to be very good:

Standards for the establishment
Requirements to the equipment but also maintenance, social spaces etc.

Product control
Here the business process is tested on the design, packaging, testing and release of products.

The food safety and quality management system
This aspect is based on the ISO 9001 certificate. Here we test for product specifications, supplier approval, traceability, etc.

Food safety plan – HACCP
To obtain the BRC certificate, a HACCP plan must be present, or a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points plan.

Senior management involvement
It is important that senior management is fully involved in the implementation of the standard. Our company has been extensively tested and approved for this.

Process control
An operational control of the production is required to obtain a BRC certificate. We have documented procedures and work instructions.

Our staff
Qualified and competent staff, personal hygiene and training.