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Brugel Food Products

Brugel Food Products BV is a specialized importer of food products for catering, food industry and many institutions. In addition to our quality food, we offer a truly unique assortment of international delicacies, such as traditional Spanish olives, original French wine vinegar and sophisticated Copex mushrooms. Products selected for taste and quality, supplied exclusively by Brugel Food Products. In addition, Brugel Food Products supplies a wide range of delicacy products under its own exclusive private label Nestor. This provides you with an exclusive range of canned and packaged products, from kidney beans to escargots and from daily delicacies to specific specialties. Our quality products and service orientation have been a high priority for many years.

In addition, we have added extra steps in recent years to help you even better. We have involved a new location, very central with a large storage capacity, we can ensure fast delivery times. Our range is further expanded and we have created a fresh and new style for our own private label Nestor. Both the taste and appearance are of superior quality.

Brugel Food Products
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